HART 1401 – Basic Electricity for HVAC

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Electricity is all around us – If you are interested in learning how electricity is produced, harnessed and made to work safely for us, then this is the course for you.

This Basic Electricity for HVAC course is designed for students with no background or previous work experience. In this course you will learn how to work safely with electricity and build simple series and parallel circuits.

This class teaches the fundamentals of Ohms Law as it relates to both series and parallel circuitry, along with the use of the digital volt-ohm meter.

This course consists of

  • time in the computer lab with interactive CD-ROM materials
  • instructor lectures
  • hands-on lab exercises
  • home study theory work
  • a series of tests to measure your understanding and comprehension

This course prepares students for HART 1403 – A/C Control Principles.

Student supplied materials

Students must provide the following:

  • the textbook AHRI Fundamentals of HVAC/R by Stanfield and Skaves, ISBN 978-0-13-222367-6. This book is used in most of the classes
  • a high-end auto ranging digital volt ohmmeter (see photo – ask the instructor for details)
student provided volt ohmeter
student-provided volt ohmeter


Digital volt ohmmeter




Photos of students learning about electricity through working on lab assignments

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