HART 1403 – Air Conditioning Principles

students working on lab exercises

Students in this class improve the skills they acquired in HART 1401 Basic Electricity for HVAC by testing actual A/C components. This course is the basic study of electrical, pressure, and temperature controls including motor starting devices, with emphasis on drawing and wiring A/C controls and circuits.

Students learn through lectures, theory-based instructional materials and many  hands-on lab exercises. If you are looking for an action packed course with plenty of hands on training, then you will thoroughly enjoy this course.

The proof is in the pudding when the student is able to

  • draw the electrical schematics of the system
  • test the individual components
  • actually wire the components to create a working A/C system.

slide show A/C Control Principles – Fan Motors created by student Leo Cuellar

Photos of lab activities where students get hands on practice with electrical, pressure and temperature controls.

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