HART 1445 Gas and Electric Heating

student checking circuits on exercise board and other students inspecting furnace

Students learn about gas and electrical heating systems. They study the safety features of the equipment, the correct procedures and principles used in installing, servicing and repairing heating systems, both gas fired and electric heat furnaces.

Our classroom is equipped with new state of the art equipment that would typically be encountered when installing new equipment, and older equipment that would be found on maintenance repair visits.

This furnaces taught in this class include the updraft, the horizontal electric and gas heat systems, including roof top self contained electric and gas systems.

All ignition methodologies are presented in the gas fired furnace systems, with emphasis placed on the testing and proper operation of the many safety devices and servicing of all systems. This will include thermocouples and thermopiles, main gas burner valves, roll out switches, flame sensors, venturi switches, stack limit switches, etc.


Students working on gas and heating systems

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