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ACC has basically given me a second chance. I thought there was no way I would ever go to a “real” college and get a degree of any kind. I spent many years doing hard labor before deciding to enroll in classes part-time for a summer. Now, two years later, I am a TTU Petroleum Engineering student. Much of my success has been a result of ACC’s excellent staff and limited class sizes, in addition to their constant focus on student success by way of professor workshops and periodic reviews. While the developmental class requirements can seem unnecessary and tedious, completing them has been essential to my success here. I was first enrolled in developmental math too, but I am now a bona-fide engineering student who truly understands the math required in these types of classes. The bottom line is that ACC can provide access to top-tier state schools through their credit articulation agreements, and can do so without having to hold classes with 300+ people in them! Among the many benefits of this system are ease of transfer and a better chance of success once that transfer is completed. Add that to the developmental learning requirements, and it becomes easy to see why ACC students have a better GPA after transferring to a state school than the students who are native to that school. I’ll be moving to Lubbock at the end of this semester, and I’m very excited about it, but I will really miss ACC once I’ve left. Thanks for the second chance at life and success, ACC! With extra special thanks to: Dr. Jeff Bechtold, Dr. Luanne Preston, Dr. Thomas Jempty, Peter Wehner, and Bob Quigley.