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I am ACC! At age 60, facing tremendous changes in my career, I needed to recreate myself in order to keep a competitive edge within the ever-changing IT world. Having attended several high-priced training courses that failed to deliver, I was frustrated and needed another plan. I remembered a colleague stating ACC had fine IT courses that he himself was attending, so I did some research. Apprehensive at my age returning to college not knowing what to expect, I put my fears behind me and enrolled full time at ACC. To my amazement the professors, counselors and lab Instructors were supportive having one aim: assist students succeed in their ACC endeavors. Now with my first semester completed, I am an ‘A’ student and looking forward to my graduation day. I know my success was largely due to the wonderful staff and fellow students at ACC. Their support assisted in my transitioning into a student. I now have friends and am no longer afraid of what the future will bring because I am preparing thanks to the fine academic programming ACC has to offer. Yes, I am ACC and proud of it!