Mission Statement

As Integrated Reading and Writing educators, we believe in maximizing the potential of our students and ourselves.

We strive for excellence in teaching and maximize learning endeavors. We believe in the right of all students to excel in their post-secondary academic endeavors. It is our mission in Integrated Reading and Writing to help students overcome educational barriers that would hinder their personal and academic success.

We create a learning environment in which faculty employ evidenced-based practices in the field of developmental education, promote individual initiative, honor diversity, empower independent learning, and encourage intellectual risk-taking.

As Integrated Reading and Writing educators, we use teaching strategies emphasizing active learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking, while we model lifelong commitment to learning.

The Integrated Reading and Writing faculty prepare students to read and write proficiently and critically in order to achieve academically, compete in the workplace, contribute to the community and take an active role in participatory democracy.