Six Ways to Succeed in DEVR Courses

Austin Community College is offering a variety of new opportunities for students to reach their goal of becoming successful college-level readers. Students may choose from a range of course formats, delivery modes, and innovative approaches to presentation of content.

  1. Paired Courses:  This combination of courses pairs a section of College Reading Strategies (DEVR 0320) with a section of an introductory level content course such as Government 2305, or specific sections of Psychology 2301. The Reading Skills Improvement paired courses follow the same reading objectives as all DEVR 0320 courses, and each includes applications to the particular discipline with which it is paired. The paired courses must be taken concurrently. Students may satisfy a THEA-reading requirement and may earn college credit in the content course.
  2. Fast Track: Students register for Reading Skills Improvement (DEVR 0310) during the first 8-week session of the semester and College Reading Strategies (DEVR 0320) during the last 8-week session of the semester. This arrangement allows them to complete their reading remediation in a single semester. Another fast track option allows students to register for either course in an 8-week session.
  3. Test Preparation:  Students may participate in a number of test preparation venues such as workshops, and small-group sessions. In addition, THEA preparation sessions are scheduled prior to official testing dates. Click on the link to THEA for further information.
  4. Spelling Skills Via Internet Connection / Smart Phones:  Spelling skills via internet connection allows students to improve their spelling through Web-based instruction on a personal computer. Students can access the program through a personal computer with Internet connections.  Students can also use smart phones to access apps that will download programs on to your phone to read as you follow along. YouTube can also be access to spell a word, hear the word pronounced correctly, and give you a definition.
  5. Intensive Instruction: Students who enter college with the lowest reading levels benefit from additional time on task to succeed. The intensive instruction format requires the students to take a lab course in addition to their three-hour reading course. The lab provides supervised practice and concept application for the students.
  6. Learning Labs: Free individual tutoring and computer software are available at the Learning Lab at each campus. Clink on the link for further information. Tutoring Labs.