Program Benefits

About our program at Austin Community College’s IEP:

  • No TOEFL nor IELTS test score to enter the Intensive English Program. Students take the ESOL Placement test when they arrive in Austin to determine the best level to begin.
  • Finish each level in two months!
  • All four academic classes are held at one location; 24 hours/week
  • Upon passing the IEP exit level with a “B” average, the student may take classes at Austin Community College without a TOEFL score.
  • Best value for high quality instruction.
  • Small class sizes offer a comfortable environment with meaningful class activities.
  • Different class levels meet learners’ proficiency needs in a variety of language skills
  • Optional electives such as TOEFL preparation help prepare students for university admissions.
  • All faculty have advanced degrees in TEFL/Linguistics
  • Highly experienced faculty are personally committed to student success.
  • Social and cultural events are offered every session
  • Computer assisted language learning
  • Free access to tutors, computer labs and library

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