International Business Course Descriptions

IBUS 1305 Intro to International Business and Trade
This course presents basic issues such as theories of international business, exchange rates, managing diversity and the impact of social values and cultural differences, economic variables in international decision-making, corporate-government relations, asset management, marketing and production in the international company are introduced.


IBUS 1301 Principles Exports
Export management processes and procedures. Includes governmental controls and compliance, licensing of products, documentation, commercial invoices, and traffic procedures. Emphasizes human and public relations, management of personnel, finance, and accounting procedures.


IBUS 1302 Principles Imports
Practices and processes of import management operations. Includes government controls and compliance. Emphasizes the preparation and understanding of import documents such as customs invoices, packing lists, and commercial invoices.


IBUS 1341  Global Supply Chain Management
International purchasing or sourcing. Includes the advantages and the barriers of purchasing internationally, global sourcing, procurement technology, and purchasing processes. Emphasizes issues of contract administration, location, and evaluation of foreign suppliers, total cost approach, exchange fluctuations, customs procedures, and related topics.


IBUS 1349 International E-Commerce Systems
Managing electronic business, commerce, and government information systems and technology. Includes the use of appropriate software such as the National Trade Data Base. Emphasizes the role of global strategic information systems as applied to problem solving and current transportation and customs software


IBUS 2332  Global Business Simulation
In this unique course, students simulate real workplace problems through the creation of a start-up business where the student prepares a business plan, evaluates the effect of current events such as intellectual property, and utilizes the internet and other communication technologies for staff meetings, exchange rate information, and international electronic communications. Topics address recently identified current events, skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes and behaviors pertinent to the technology or occupation and relevant to the professional development of the student. This course is a capstone course for the International Business Certificate.


IBUS 2341 Intercultural Management
Cross-cultural comparisons of management and communications processes. Emphasizes cultural geographic distinctions and antecedents that affect individual, group, and organizational behavior. May include sociocultural demographics, economics, technology, political-legal issues, negotiations, and processes of decision making in the international cultural environment.


IBUS 2345 Import Customs Regulations
A study of the duties and responsibilities of the licensed customs broker or customhouse broker. Topics include processes for customs clearance including appraisement, bonded warehouse entry, examination of goods, harmonized tariffs, fees, bonding, penalties, quotas, immediate delivery, consumption, and liquidation computerized systems, laws and regulations.


IBUS 1366 International Business Practicum
Work-based instruction that helps students gain practical experience in international business, enhances skills, and integrates knowledge. As outlined in the learning plan, students will apply theory, concepts, and skills involving specialized materials, procedures, regulations, laws, and interactions within and among political, economic, environmental, social, and legal systems associated with international business/industry and will demonstrate legal and ethical behavior, interpersonal and teamwork skills, and appropriate written and verbal communication skills using the terminology of international commerce. Indirect supervision is provided by the work supervisor. A practicum may be a paid or unpaid learning experience. Student internship placement will serve as a capstone experience to International Business Certificate.


IBUS 2335 International Business Law
A course in law as it applies to international business transactions in the global. Contract for international sale of goods, international licensing, foreign distribution, foreign direct investment and joint direct investment and joint ventures along with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Choice of International Operations.


IBUS 1354 International Marketing Management
Analysis of international marketing strategies using market trends, costs, forecasting, pricing, sourcing, and distribution factors.  Development of an international import/export marketing plan.


IBUS 2339 International Banking and Trade Finance
International monetary systems, financial markets, flow of capital, foreign exchange, and financial institutions. Includes risk analysis, export-import payments and financing the preparation of letters of credit, related shipping documentation, electronic fund remittance, and foreign investment financing.