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Materials useful for HUMA 1315

HUMA 1315 Schedule

Note: When you look at this schedule you might think “There is no way I can do all this reading, listening, looking, watching, and analyzing.” While that might not be true if you were a junior or senior in college, I can understand how you might think so as a freshman. But the fact is, for this class, you do not need to do all the reading or viewing each week. Use this schedule with the questions in the Discussion Board in Blackboard.   Each week you will choose one discussion question to respond to. Let this choice guide you in your work for the week.

To a certain extent, you will be able to roam through this material picking and choosing the topics that you want to learn about. Of course, that is not totally true, but it is more true than not. With your essays and other writing assignments, you will be able to select your topics from the material presented. If this freedom is difficult for you, I will provide a few set topics for you to choose from.

With regard to our two tests: each week, I will include for a brief overview of that week’s content, pointing out sections of readings or elements of the art or music or film that I think are most important (and thus might show up on the mid-term and final tests). You might be able to use these “overviews” as guides to what you what to read or examine or listen to for that week. In addition, I will provide study modules, in Blackboard, that will help you review for the two tests.

Part 1: 1945-2015 (Weeks 1-4)

Week 1  

The Newsroom

Barack Obama: “A More Perfect Union.” DHUS 645-658

Ronald Reagan: “Inaugural Addresses.” DHUS 551-561

Gerald R. Ford: “Inaugural Address.” DHUS 529-531

Lyndon Baines Johnson: “Great Society.” DHUS 477-480

John Kennedy: “Inaugural Address.” DHUS 445-448

Dwight C. Eisenhower: “Farewell Address.” DHUS 436-439

The Cinema

All the President’s Men Continue reading