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Selections from Lyman Grant’s published works




must                             know

we                                 for

still                               ces

e                                    will

rect                               al

these                           ways

bi                                  blow

na                                 them

ries                               up

For my thoughts about writing this poem, follow this link.

After Hades, Always Persephone

–for my step-mother

Sometimes, I thought my father ruined her

like some force, wind or water, cutting

creases, ravines, into summer fields.

One moment, she laughed, lanky, two-pieced

in blue on the Mexican border,

tequila sunrise, poolside, held high,

like life cashed her in a winner. Continue reading

Home Sick

The other day at the doctor’s office, the nurse

sized me up, professionally: You can’t be fifty!

She meant I looked much younger.   I put up

a good front, you see. Maybe a poem shouldn’t

begin this way, but reading Jaroslav Seifert’s poetry, Continue reading