Creative Writing Classes

This page will serve as a kind of “Table of Contents” for students taking creative writing classes I teach.  It is divided into two general areas:  poetry and prose.  Within those general areas, I have listed topics that are linked to mini-essay-like posts.  I have them arranged, more or less, as I will cover them in class.


Syllabus                                                  and       Schedule

The Poetry Gym                                    and       Poetry Assignments

Alternate Prompts

In the Beginning Is the Image             and      Poems Should Be Seen and Heard

Word Values                                           and       Types of Diction

Metaphorical Thought                         and       Metaphorical Thought, Part II

Figurative Language:  Tropes

Rhymes and Rhythms                          and        Meter, Feet, and Line

Ted Hughes, Alliteration, and Old English

Rhyme                                                    and        Rhyme, Quaint and Contemporary

Enjambment, Part 1

Poems and Song Lyrics                       and        Following the Rules

You and the House of Poetry              and       The Poetry Mind Map

The Poet’s Bookcase                            and        Tension Points for Poets and Other Writers

Revising a Poem



Syllabus                                                                 Schedule

Prose Assignments

Telling Stories and the Truth of Fiction            The Experience of Fiction

Theme in Fiction and Memoir                           Plot

Character                                                              Conflict

The Narrator and Point of View                        Setting and Atmosphere

Language                                                              Tone