Curriculum Vitae



2010-2014                   18 Graduate Humanities Hours, American Military University

2000-2002                   Almost ABD, 50+hours, Texas A&M University

1979                             M.A. English, Texas A&M University

1975                             B.S. Education, University of Texas at Austin


Academic Employment

2015-present                  Professor Creative Writing and Humanities, Austin Community College

2005-2015                      Dean, Arts and Humanities Division, Austin Community College

2003-2005                      Department Chair, Creative Writing, Austin Community College

2002-2005                      Professor, English, Austin Community College

2000-2002                      Teaching Assistant, English, Texas A&M University

1993-2001                      Associate Professor, English,  Austin Community College

1991-1993                      Full-time Faculty, Developmental Writing, Austin Community College

1988-1991                      Division Chair, Developmental Education,  Austin Community College

1980-1988                      Department Head, Developmental Writing,  Austin Community College

1978-1980                      Adjunct Faculty, Developmental Writing,   Austin Community College

1975-1978                      Teaching Assistant, English,  Texas A&M University


Courses Taught

English Composition I, English Composition II, Introduction to Literature, American Literature I, American Literature II, World Literature I, Humanities, Creative Writing Poetry, Creative Writing Fiction, Creative Writing Memoir, Technical Writing, Developmental Writing.  In addition to traditional modes of instruction, I have taught many of these courses through distance learning; some have been taught with computer-assisted instruction.


Other Employment/ Duties

2005-2006                      Columnist, Creative Pulse Magazine.

2003-2005                      Editor, The Rio Review.

2001                                Assistant to Managing Editor, Callaloo, Journal of African Diaspora.

2000                                Fiction Editor, Brazos River Review.

1989-1992                      Publisher and Editor, MAN! Magazine.

1982-1985                      Book Review Editor, The Texas Humanist.




2011                             As Long as We Need, Poems, Austin, Texas, Black Buzzard Press.

2010                             Established Parameters, Poems, Austin, Texas, Gallery Shoal Creek.

2006                             The Road Home.  Poems.  Austin, Texas.  Dalton Publishing.

2005                             Short Fiction:  Classic and Contemporary.  6th Ed.. Editor. Pearson.

2005                             CommonSense:  A Handbook and Guide to Writing.  3nd Ed.. McGraw Hill.

2003                             CommonSense:  A Handbook and Guide to Writing.  2nd Ed.. McGraw Hill.

2001                             Short Fiction:  Classic and Contemporary. 5th Ed.,  Editor. Pearson.

1999                             CommonSense:  A Handbook and Guide to Writing. McGraw Hill.

1993                             Text & Commentary.  Poems.  Austin, Texas:  Mandala.

1989                             New Growth:  Contemporary Short Fiction by Texas Writers.  Editor. Corona.

1985                             Letters of Roy Bedichek.  Edited with William A. Owens. UT Press.

1979                             The Life and Work of Leonard Doughty.  Master’s Thesis.  TAMU


Chapters or Selections in Books or Anthologies

2015                             “Ghost Story,” a poem in Texas Poetry Calendar 2016.

2012                             “The Tab,” a poem in Agave.

2012                             “Children at the Door of Faith,” a poem in Di-verse-city 2012.

2011                             Three Poems in translation, in New Poetry Appreciation 3.

2011                             “Window Shopping,”  a poem in Texas Poetry Calendar 2012.

2008                            “Weekend Forecast.” a poem in Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair.

2006                            “Co-Op.” a poem in Literary Austin.

2005                             “Absolution.” a poem in Di-Verse-City 2005 

2005                            “Sing!  Someone Dance!  I Beg You!”  a poem in Houston Poetry Festival.

2005                            “Weekend Forecast.”  Texas Poetry Calendar 2006.

2004                            “Product Reliability.”   a poem in Houston Poetry Festival 2004 Anthology.

2004                             “Soulmates.”  a poem in Di-Verse-City 2004.

2004                             “Found Things.”  a poem in Is This Forever, or What?  edited by Naomi Nye.

1999                             “Hunting Season.”  a poem in Tres-Di-Verse-City.

1998                             “Waiting for Mercy,” 30 poems in Feeding the Crow.

1998                            “Searching the Parking Lot for a Poem.” a poem in Best Texas Writing I.

1998                             “Black Bowl with Apples on Old Tablecloth.”  a poem in Di-Verse-City-Too.

1997                            “These are things I’ve been wanting to tell you.”  a poem in Di-Verse-City.

1996                             “Love of a Mentor,” an essay in Purpose, Pattern, and Process.

1993                             “Introduction,” in What Makes a Man a Man.

1992                             “Foreword” and “For Chuck,” essays in The Best Man.

1992                             “Interview with Asa Baber,”  “Love of a Mentor.” essays in The Best Man.

1992                             “Recovering from a Good Mother.” poems and memoir in Through the Fire.

1991                             “With Arcadio, William Goyen is a Writer Reconciled.”  in William Goyen.



1988-present                 several dozen poems published in journals such as Sulphur River Literary Review, Borderlands, Concho River Review, Windhover, RE:AL, descant, Brazos River Review, The Cortland Review, Rose and Thorn, Cider Press Review, Texas Observer, Prose Ax, Poetry Motel, Words of Wisdom, Timber Creek Review, Indefinite Space, Pikeville Review, Damn, Enkidu, Icarus, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, and MAN!


Articles, Essays, Reviews

1981-present                 about eighty pieces of various lengths and subjects in The Texas Humanist, Texas Observer, Texas Books in Review, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Creative Pulse Magazine, Dallas Morning News, The Grackle, Knackademics, Journey, and New Texas.   Included are long reviews and essays about William Owens, William Goyen, John Graves, David Oliphant, Robert Moore, R.G. Vliet, Rolando Hinojosa, and Stephen Harrigan.  Shorter pieces include those about Wendell Berry, Michael Ventura, Pat Mora, Larry L. King, Joseph Campbell, A.C. Greene, Donald Bartheme, Anne Dilliard, Laura Furman, Phillip Lopate, and James Kunetka.   Articles about education include essays about part-time faculty, writing across curriculum, and the pop-grammarians of the 1970’s and 80’s.


Performances , Readings, and Papers

1985-present                about sixty performances and readings at Featured Reader at Austin International Poetry Festival 2012, Texas Book Festival, Callaloo Reading Series, Langdon Review Conference, Walt Whitman Celebration, Emily Dickinson Celebration, W. Joe’s Poetry Corner, Malvern Books, Chicon Collective, Windhover Conference, San Angelo Elmer Kelton Writers’ Conference, Texas A&M Commerce, Houston Poetry Conference, Alligator Grill Reading Series, Balcones Center Reading Series, Skanky Possum Reading Series, Bread Loaf Blue Pallor Readings, Poetry in the Arts, Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers Conferences, Expressions Series, Houston Poetry Festivals, The Austin International Poetry Festivals, Austin Community College Literary Festivals, TYCA conferences, Frontera Festival, Austin Poetry Society, Texas Poetry Society, The Walden Center, Mojos, The Austin Men’s Center, The Rio Room, Cactus Cafe, Barnes and Noble (Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth), Goddess Conferences, International Men’s Conferences, Texas Library Association, Texas Folklore Society, Texas Literary Festival in Denton.


Honors, Awards, Scholarships, Boards

2013-2014                   Austin Community College Sabbatical Award.

2012                             Rochester Institute of Technology-National Science Foundation Grant.

2011                             Gallaudet University Regional Center, 5-year Grant.

2011                             Pushcart Nomination for Poetry.

2010                             National Endowment for the Arts, The Big Read Grant.

2009                             National Endowment for the Arts, The Big Read Grant.

2009                             Austin Arts Award, representative for Arts and Humanities Division.

2007-2009                   Board Member, Austin Bat Cave.

2007-2008                   Board Member, ProArts Collective.

2006                             Contributor, Sewanee Writers’ Conference.

2005                             The Chancellor’s List.

2005                             Board Member, Austin Chapter, American Creativity Association.

2004                             Contributor, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference.

2004                             Vice President, Two-year Caucus, Associated Writing Programs.

2003                             Who’s Who Among America’s Best Teachers.

2003                             Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

2002                             Center for the Humanities Fellowship, Texas A&M.

2001                             Austin Community College Sabbatical Award.

2000-2002                   Texas A&M Teaching Assistant Fellowship.

2000                             National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Fellowship.

1998                             Pushcart Nomination for poetry.

1997                             Scholarship for Robert Bly’s Great Mother Conference.

1997-1999                   Board Member, Austin International Poetry Festival.

1989                             “MAN!”  Magazine,   Best New Magazines of the Year, ALA.

1988-1992                    Board Member, Austin Men’s Center.

1988                              Austin Community College Sabbatical Award.

1985                              Letters of Roy Bedichek, finalist, Carl P. Collins Award, TIL

1981                              Outstanding Young Men of America.

1979                              President, Part-time Faculty Association, Austin Community College.

1975-1978                    Texas A&M Teaching Assistant Fellowship.


References                Upon Request