How I Came to Write This Poem

There was a shiver on a leaf outside my window,

A leaf on the wiry bush beside the tree.

Listen to me:

The air was still.

The bush was quiet.

There was only silence in the grass.

But this leaf shivered.

Listen to me:

I would not have you think it was cold outside

(That is not why I was locked inside the room.

There was much business to attend to,

You understand,

Poems to read, issues to consider.)

Nor would I tell you a lonesome and

Drifting wind affected this and only

This particular leaf.

(The chances are so slim.)

Rather, I can only tell you that this one leaf

Just happened to move as I

Just happened to glance its way.

And, yes, I think, yes,

It moved just for me.



From Text and Commentary (Mandala Publishing)

For my thoughts about writing this poem, follow this link.

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Lyman Grant is a professor of creative writing and humanities at Austin Community College. He has work at ACC since 1978. He is the author or editor of two textbooks, two books relating to Texas literature, three volumes and a chapbook of poetry. Recently he traveled the United States for a year in a 34-foot RV 5th wheel trailer with his wife and two younger sons.