HUMANITIES 1301 Schedule


Week 1 

Introduction to Class

Prehistory and The Birth of Civilization

Week 2

Chapter 1: Mesopotamia: Gods, Rulers, and the Social Order**

Chapter 2:  Africa: Gods Rulers, and the Social Order

Week 3

Chapter 3: India, China, and the Americas

Chapter 4: Greece: Humanism and the Speculative Leap

Week 4

Chapter 5: The Classical Style

Chapter 6:  Rome: The Rise to Empire

Week 5

Chapter 7: China: The Rise to Empire

Week 6

Essay 1 and Test 1

Week 7

Chapter 8: A Flowering of Faith: Christianity and Buddhism

Chapter 9: The Language of Faith: Symbolism and the Arts

Week 8

Chapter 10: The Islamic World: Religion and Culture

Chapter 11: Patterns of Medieval Life

Week 9

Chapter 12: Christianity and the Medieval Mind

Chapter 13: The Medieval Synthesis in the Arts

Week 10

Chapter 14: The World Beyond the West: India, China, and Japan

Week 11

Essay 2 and Text 2

Week 12

Chapter 15: Adversity and Challenge: The 14th Century Transition

Chapter 16: Classical Humanism in the Age of the Renaissance

Week 13

Chapter 17: Renaissance Artist: Disciples of Nature, Masters of Invention

Chapter 18: Cross-Cultural Encounters: Asia, Africa, and the Americas

Week 14:

Chapter 19: Protest and Reform: The Waning of the Old Order

Week 15

Essay 3 and Test 3

Week 16 

Final Project

Textbook readings from The Humanistic Tradition, Vol 1, 7th edition, by Gloria K. Fiero, McGraw Hill

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