Morning Prayers, Night Prayers, Number 6  

A fog pushed against the window.

It has been melted away.

Dark gray rain clouds against the roof

Have been filed away.


I can’t tell it this way.


I woke, and the fog stared at me.

Through my window I saw those eyes

And I said, “Rain again,


I know how the rain brings with it spring life.

I know how the flowers demand the rain,

And I know.

But I hate the wetness in my hair.

I hate the muddy shoes.

I hate the step-holes little boys

Leave in fields.

And, Mister, I hate the ruddy little drops

Hung on outside of windows.

So, Mister, I can’t tell you how happy

I was to see that fog fade away.



From Texts and Commentary (Mandala Publishing).

For my thoughts on writing this poem, follow this link.

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