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Some readers and critics would tell us that a story is simply and only language. What they may mean by this is that a story, whether it is told orally or written, whether it is factually verifiable or fiction, is not an object like a shovel or a table, but is something that exits only as words. Therefore, the plot is constructed of language, as are the characters and the setting, and so forth. Add a few words and the character is changed; take away a few and the plot is altered. Continue reading

Loving Language, Concerning “The Drawing”

In my thirties, as I was finally learning how to write poems, “The Drawing” was one of the few poems that I sent out for publication in a journal.  It was accepted by Sulphur River Review, my favorite of the Texas based small press journals. At the time, this poem was published, Sulphur River was based in Commerce Texas; now it is published in Austin. James Michael Robbins is its brave and tireless editor and publisher. Support your local small press!  [Sorry to say, now the journal has ceased publication.] Continue reading