This page serves as a “Table of Contents” with links to some poems and prose I hope you find interesting or entertaining.  A few years ago, I began a text called The House with a Hundred Doors and a Thousand Windows:  A Personal Poetics.  I will continue to develop that book, here. That process will also allow me to share some poems and my thoughts about those poems. Below that, I will link some individual prose works.

The House with a Hundred Doors and a Thousand Windows:        A Personal Poetics

Part 1:  Claiming the Key to the Unknown Door

    When the Soul Visits at Dawn

Part 2:  Looking for the Right Neighborhood

I Have Dreamed a Hundred Whispers                     Before One Knows of Failure

“A Fog Pushed Against the Window”                        When You See a Fork in the Road

How I Came to Write this Poem                                You May As Well Believe

“You Know that Burning that I Felt”                          The Eros of Revision

The Dying Leaves                                                         Learning from the Masters

Hairetikos                                                                      Credo

Part 2:  Making the House Your Own

Cancer                                                                             Show.  Don’t Tell

The Drawing                                                                   Loving Language

The Vision                                                                       When One Line Bends Toward the Other

Found Things                                                                 Lines and Stanzas

The Light through the Peaks                                      The Deep Image


Searching the Parking Lot for a Poem                       Stripping in Bare

290 West


Late Night                                                                        Laying It out in Simple Lines

A Dream of Grace                                                           Following the Thread

The Laying on of Hands                                                 The Ultimate Contradiction

Midlife Christmas                                                            Driving and Listening

Part III:  Inviting the Neighbors in for Drinks

The Other Writers Block                                                Submission

ConVersing Merton

InKlinations 1

Writing a Poem in Two Minutes

The Arrow of Contentment

Deconstruction                                                               Reconstruction

After Hades, Always Persephone                                 Myths and Structures

Awaiting Word                                                                 Line and Sentence

Home Sick                                                                        Constructing Desire/Bits and Pieces

Part IV:  Keeping the Lights on Past Midnight

Ice Storm


Safe House

Free Will


Three Teslas

Boho Girl


Polite Discord


Other Prose

Saturday Mornings with Roy Bedichek

Hiding Out at the Kerrville Folk Festival

Part-time for You and Part-time for Me

New Growth in Texas Fiction

Recovering from a Good Mother

A Drive Home in Summer

Love of a Mentor

Talking with Guys about Love

The Stuff of Dreams

Open Borders:  Literary Journals in Texas