Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS)

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree is a 2+2 program. The program allows students who have completed approximately 60-66 hours to select specialization in one of several areas and complete a four-year degree. This is a nontraditional degree that is designed to meet the needs of working adults. Some of the characteristics of this degree are:

  • It grants credit for noninstitutional forms of learning (work experience, credit by exam).
  • It is generally individualized
  • It is offered at times and locations convenient to working adults.
  • It is interdisciplinary.

Texas State University offers one of the best programs in the state. There are actually two options in this program. The first is a BAAS degree in the Technology division. It is designed for students who are in technical areas at the Community College level. It is actually an inverted degree. The second option is in the Occupational Education division and is appropriate for nontraditional students returning to college who already have a two-year associate degree and who want work life credit.


Texas Universities That Offer NonTraditional Baccalaureate Degrees

In The Austin Area

Throughout the State

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