Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

New Apprenticeship and ACC Marketing Department


ACC Marketing Department is partnering with New Apprenticeship to provide students and alumni with a quality option to enroll in the nation's first federally recognized Digital Marketing Apprenticeship program. Students may participate, while earning college credit, as part of the Social Media/Digital Marketing Level 2 Certificate.

New Apprenticeship offers a transformative 15-month apprenticeship program designed to help launch a student's career and build top industry skills while applying what the student has learned in a full-time Digital Marketing or Data Analyst position.

New Apprenticeship focuses on giving entry-level professionals the necessary skills to thrive in the workforce while providing local businesses in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas with highly qualified talent through the apprenticeship program.

As part of a cohort of peers, apprentices further develop digital marketing skills and apply what they learn back to their full-time job.


  • 10-15 hours a week of hands-on digital marketing skill development.
  • A full-time digital marketing job where apprentices apply their skills.
  • Weekly coaching and mentoring to accelerate growth and performance.

Watch the video to hear first-hand from Casey Lizaso, a digital marketing apprentice, as she talks about her growth within the program.

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