Congratulations to Our Winners!

We want to send a shout-out to everyone who helped the Student Money Management Office (SMMO) celebrate Financial Literacy Month by participating in April’s Financial Diet Challenge. Your participation helped make the challenge a success.

Special congratulations to Heather Beels and Stephanie Ramirez, the two winners of our Money Management Gift Baskets. We loaded those baskets up with some good stuff; Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman books, planners, pens, highlighters, etc…

Heather Beels, Advising Specialist at the Highland Learning Center, took meal planning to another level showcasing her weekly meal prep skills on Instagram. Heather stated that she enjoyed the challenge by getting creative with her savings. Sticking to a $25 per week budget isn’t an easy task, but we saw you Boo. Congratulations!

Our student winner, Stephanie Ramirez, who is studying Government took a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego approach to the challenge. Every time we logged onto Twitter, there was pic posted by Stephanie getting free food from volunteering during a student event. I believe Stephanie can write a college student’s guide to getting free food while volunteering pamphlet. I’m serious.

However, here’s what was most impressive about Stephanie’s participation, she was able to save enough money to purchase much-needed attire for an internship and a night out. Y’all, she didn’t have to put clothes on a credit card.

While the financial diet was only four weeks, we believe that it helped participants start on the path of taking control of their money. Before going on a financial diet, it’s important to set a goal and create a plan to achieve your goal. You’ll be surprised how much you can save just by trimming a little fat.