Coping with COVID-19: Navigating Through a Pandemic with Laura

Many people are being affected around the world by COVID-19 and it is a stressful and unsettling time for everyone. We have all had to reschedule and rearrange our lives because of this pandemic. Among those that are being affected, we have college students that are juggling school, work, and other factors while trying to stay safe and healthy. To get a better look at what has been happening with our college student populations, I reached out to our former Peer Money Mentors (PPMs) to ask about how they are managing and coping amid this pandemic.

One former PMM, Laura, shared her experience in getting some extra employment while she is preparing for her move to San Marcos to attend Texas State University.

Former Peer Money Mentor, 
Laura M.

“I began my job search a little bit before the pandemic because I was concerned about an expensive dental bill I had to pay since I don’t have dental insurance. I’m fortunate enough to not be part of an at-risk group so when my local HEB started increasing hiring because of the virus, I went for the opportunity as a curbside shopper. Since ACC went online it meant my availability was wide open. I was hired on the spot at my interview and started two weeks after I applied.

It felt great to get to contribute in a way and people were very appreciative. That’s what I love about Austin, there’s a great sense of community. I took care of my dental bill with the extra income and I’ve been paying some of my other debt down. Financially, I’m totally ready for my move to San Marcos in July. As far as my HEB job, my manager talked to me about the possibility of transferring, so it’d be nice to keep that extra income.

I consider myself very lucky. I know this crisis is hurting many Americans, physically and financially. I hope we get through this soon and we come out stronger.”

While most places are hard to find work, HEB has stepped up their game and have been hiring those in need of extra work. In a time of uncertainty, Laura found a way to help her community while also supporting herself.     If you’re looking for a job, you’ll find hourly jobs at HEB on this site.  ACC’s Career Services also maintains a list of available part time and full time jobs in and around Austin. Career Services also offers a live “Now Hiring Weekly Update” on Mondays at 3 p.m.