Meet the Peer Money Mentors




Aaron Chan is studying Finance while attending his fourth semester at ACC. Aaron applied to the Peer Money Mentor Program to further his knowledge on personal finance, and in turn share what he has learned with his fellow peers. The best piece of personal financial advice he has received is to live below your means, and invest the rest. He is excited to gain new financial skills to share with anyone who needs help.






Alan Melendez-Camacho is a returning Peer Money Mentor Leader pursuing electrical engineering as his program of study. He applied to become a Peer Money Mentor because financial literacy is important to him as a student who cares about saving and making the most out of his money. Alan aspires to use what he learns in the program to educate and help improve the financial situation of as many of his peers as he can. The best piece of personal financial advice that was given to him was to save and invest his bag in order to accumulate a bigger bag. He is a bag-getter. From the program, Alan expects to gain an education on financial planning and saving strategies, as well as a better understanding of credit.




Alicia Tijerina is a returning Peer Money Mentor Leader majoring in Business with hopes of getting a BBA finance. She’s a first generation college student and has been a part-time student for some time now. This is her last semester at ACC, and she wants to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about personal finance for a debt-free future. The best financial advice given to her was to sign up for a budgeting app and to track her expenses. You almost always have more money than you think!





Arjana Almaneih is majoring in Business Management with a minor in Sociology. She has completed one semester at ACC and is currently working toward transferring to UT Austin. Arjana applied to the Peer Money Mentor Program to advance her financial knowledge. The best financial advice Arjana has ever received is to get to know your money, which means to budget in advance. She hopes to spread the knowledge she learns through this mentorship with other young adults and help others become financially literate.





Eric Maldonado is studying to become a Computer Engineer and work with tech companies. He has attended ACC for one semester. Eric joined the peer money mentor program to learn about budgeting and credit scores.







Jeremiah Haywood is a Computer Science major. He began taking classes during the Fall of 2017. He is striving to earn his Associates degree, then transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio to finish his four-year degree, debt free. He’s excited to trade ideas with his fellow mentors on ways to budget for long-term goals and to learn about different ways to build assets for himself while teaching others to do the same. The most powerful piece of financial advice he has received is, “Those who fail to plan, are planning for failure.”






Justin Gault is a Business Administration major with a passion for his area of study. He has been at ACC since the spring semester of 2019 and hopes to transfer to Texas A&M’s business school to finish his degree. Justin applied to the Peer Money Mentoring program in order to further his understanding of finances and share them with all who will listen. The best piece of financial advice Justin was ever given was to start investing as early as possible to make the most of compound interest in the long run.





Krishna Sauceda is an Education major who is currently working on her second year at Austin Community College.  This semester will also be her third time being a Peer Money Mentor. She applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program because she wanted to learn new techniques and strategies to save money.  This is because she plans to transfer to a four year institution which will be more expensive, and she feels that she needs all the help she can get when it comes to saving. Each year she takes and implements new things she learns from the PMM program and last year’s advice was this: Set up a savings account for the Periodic Expenses.  So she now has started a savings account for her car that will cover for the Inspection, Registration and even the deductible. She also has another Savings account geared for Holidays and Birthdays.



Kristina Lopez is a returning Peer Money Mentor Leader majoring in both Business Administration and Economics and will be graduating from ACC after the Spring 2020 semester. Her plan is to study finance at UT Austin this fall, with the hopes of becoming a Certified Financial Planner. Kristina applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program to increase her involvement with ACC programs and gain more knowledge on financial topics. The best piece of financial advice she received was to start saving for retirement as soon as possible and have extra funds set aside for emergencies





Meagan Turner is a General Studies in Pre-Health, she has been attending ACC since the fall of 2019 this is her second semester of college. Megan applied to this program to further educate herself on financial literacy, strategies to rebuild credit, and save for the future. The best financial advice Megan has ever got is: “If you can’t buy it twice you can’t afford it.”






Shannon Pinales is currently completing an Associate’s Degree in Science on a Pre-med track. She is in her fourth semester and intends to transfer to a four-year university after completing her degree at ACC. Shannon applied to the Peer Money Mentor program to become knowledgeable about how to be financially successful throughout college and beyond. She is excited to learn valuable information that she can pass onto others who want to make informed, educated decisions about their money. The best financial advice she has received is to remember that every penny counts and saving what you can as early as you can will always benefit you in the future.






Taryn Johnson is a returning Peer Money Mentor Leader  majoring in Mass Communications. This is her 3rd semester at ACC and her second semester in the Peer Money Mentor program. Taryn originally applied to become a PPM to better educate herself on how America’s financial system works and to educate the people around her. The best piece of financial advice Taryn has received is to pay yourself FIRST! It’s very important to have multiple savings accounts for different situations that will come up. Taryn has learned, planning ahead will save you from a lot of stress in the future!





Will Chau is a returning Peer Money Mentor Leader majoring in General Studies of Science. This is his second semester at ACC. He applied to the Peer Money Mentor Program in order to learn financial independence. The best piece of financial advice he has gotten is to “save more than you spend and diversify your investments.”






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