Side Hustles: 3 Options For Spring Break


Spring break is fast approaching, which means, it’s time to gear up for side hustle season!  

While some students are spending the week-long holiday maxing out credit cards on trips to Cancun or Vegas, you can be hustling. Before you think that I’m referring to something illegal, let me explain. A side hustle is about generating multiple streams of income in addition to your main job. Having a side hustle demonstrates that you are passionate, that you embody the spirit of an entrepreneur, and that you have diverse interests.You can develop your side hustle by finding creative ways to solve other people’s problems or turning a hobby into something that you can monetize. In today’s economy, a side-hustle is crucial and about survival.

Amid toiling in the academic bubble as a non-traditional student, I’ve been exactly where you are wishing that I had more money  –  to pay down debt, to increase my emergency fund, and to take a vacation – without causing myself any financial hardship.

During spring break, you should maximize your time by working a side hustle especially if you need to earn extra cash. While taking classes here at ACC, my side hustle was a freelance videographer. Spring break was my time to work on new projects. This allowed me to explore my program of study and potential career opportunities. Instead of fretting about not being able to take vacations that I couldn’t afford, I’d take my camera to South by Southwest and other events to film short videos for local organizations. I provided a service. In return, the experience not only netted me financial gain, but it also helped in building my school portfolio, enhancing my video editing skills, and broadening my professional network.

The Student Money Management Office is here to spark your imagination as it relates to taking control of your money. Developing a side hustle is a key component to that process. Check out the three ideas that we’ve come up with below to help you get started:  

  1. The A List Exceptional Staffing Agency is currently taking resumes to staff the music side of South by Southwest. If you enjoy live music and don’t mind being around crowds, submit your resume as a word document to [email protected] and state that you want to work South by Southwest. Follow up with a phone call at (512) 458-5271. The music scene starts March 13th so you should submit your resume within the next two weeks. 
  2.  User Testing is the perfect opportunity for you to earn money without leaving the comfort of your bed. User Testing will pay you $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete by visiting websites or apps. All you have to do is complete the task and provide live feedback. Facebook, Microsoft, and Ebay are a few of the companies that use this service. 
  3. Fiverr is a freelance community that allows users to offer their work globally. If you’re a writer, video editor, photographer or even a voice artist, Fiverr is the site that will help you book your first side hustle. Here’s how it works, create a gig, deliver great work, and get paid. It’s that simple. I actually used this service to put final touches on my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn summary. If you have the skill and are interested in setting up a profile go to

This Spring Break, what will you do to #fuelyourhustle?