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Welcome to our blog!

Many of us are blinded by this ever elusive, aspirational “life of a baller” while piling up debt. We live in a society that values affluence, yet fails to provide a formalized education on how to achieve it! Remember what happened to MC Hammer? Instead of stashing some of his millions in an account named “U Can’t Touch This”, his money suffered the same fate as his popularity; lost somewhere in the 90’s. The Peer Money Mentor Program is like a great pair of aviator sunglasses protecting our futures from the harmful financial pitfalls leaving us to see much more clearly. This one of a kind program was designed to  pull back the curtain of our tricky financial systems while educating us on the fundamental principles of living beneath our means, saving money, investing early, building credit, buying a home and so much more!

On January 25th, we kicked off our Spring 2019 semester! Woohoo! The purpose of the first meeting was to outline the framework of the program, communicate goals and share expectations. The new PMMs were asked what did they expect to gain from the program. Besides the $500 stipend, they communicated a comprehensive list:

  1. Real life money management lessons
  2. Fill in the gaps of existing money management knowledge
  3. Techniques on how to enhance personal finances
  4. How to help others with the knowledge gained
  5. Find inspiration to help other students

Sounds like a lot, aye? BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT. RELAX. As PMM Leaders, although we are still learning, we’ve got you! The goal of our blog is to break down weekly topics and give it to you straight, from our perspective.  

Check back with us next week to learn strategies on how to optimize your savings.