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Building Financial Wellness

“The ability to meet all financial needs, today and over time; feel secure in the financial future; absorb a financial shock; and have the financial freedom to make choices to enjoy life.” It sounds beautiful doesn’t it? This is how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines Financial Wellness. For some this may sound like a

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Shannon’s Reflection: Peer Money Mentor Program

While participating in ACC’s Peer Money Mentor Program, my entire perception of finances has changed. I know that may sound dramatic, but it’s true! Before this program, I avoided finances and finance based conversations like it was COVID….but this program really did help me break down those walls of discomfort and change the way I

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Winter Storm Recovery

Snow in Texas. When Snow Storm Uri hit Texas mid February, that week was like a moment in the Twilight Zone. It was all fun and games at first. After all, we haven’t seen snow like this since 1937. What, at first, felt like a winter wonderland soon became endless days without heat and water

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How To Use Your Tax Refund

$3,000, $30,000, $1,000,000 and even $11,000,000 have been made (the last one is alleged) by individuals investing in GameStop. It’s all pretty glamorous. But while these investors will be facing the wrath of the capital gains tax from their unexpected windfall, up to 73% of Americans are expecting a more favorable response from the IRS.

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Shannon’s 3 Ps to Maintaining Financial Wellness

Now I wanna start by saying that I am by no means a master of personal finances – in fact, I definitely still consider myself to be a beginner. However, because of my time as a Peer Money Mentor Leader I can say I have come a LONG way and gained A LOT of knowledge.

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