Welcome back!

Hi RiverBats!

Welcome back! Hope your have stayed dry and safe after this weekend’s storm, and that you are all ready for this semester 🙂 We all here in the Student Money Management Office hope you have a great semester, good grades, and financial health.

The fall semester is especially busy here in our office, because it’s FAFSA filing time! The starting date for filing your FAFSA has moved to October 1st, giving you more time to get that $$ and continue your education! We are available to answer any questions, from FAFSA to scholarship search.

We would like to remind y’all to sign up for our Finding the Money workshops happening in late September/early October! We will be covering how YOU can get some scholarships, walking you through each step.

This fall we also have great content on the blog, so make sure you are following us on social media! We’ll be talking about budgeting, meal prep, and how to take control of your finances in many aspects of your life.

Hope each and every one of you has a great semester!