Where Has SMMO Been? An Update

Hey y’all!

You might be wondering, where have we been? What kind of shenanigans has the Student Money Management Office (SMMO) gotten themselves into?

We’ve actually been super busy bringing the SMMO message across the state and the country!

This past May, SMMO partnered with Trellis Company (formerly TG) to host the 2018 Texas Association of Collegiate Financial Education Professionals (TACFEP) Symposium this past May. This symposium is aimed at financial education professionals at the college level. SMMO gave two presentations, talking about our impact and ways we are helping students be financially successful!

Then, in July, the team headed to Portland, OR, to present at the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit (HEFW). We were super excited to not only share out knowledge with colleagues also working on financial wellness, but to learn about what other folks are doing across the country!

We are back and happy in Austin, and ready to get back into planning the next semester out–which includes selecting the Fall 2018 cohort for our Peer Money Mentor Program.

Our normal blogging schedule will return beginning this fall–we’ve got so many tips and ideas that can help you achieve financial success!