Cypress Creek Campus Mosaic Project: Hands-On Art

To leave an enduring piece of ourselves behind is a desire we all share, but seldom have the opportunity to indulge. Beginning in June, however, anyone with an interest in art and $130 can do precisely that.

Through a unique hands-on art concept, students in Carmen Clements’ CRFX 3000 class will learn the history of the mosaic, an ancient Near-East art form dating back to the 4th century whereby small pieces of glass, pottery or tile are used to create a pattern or picture. Participating artists will then lend their unique creative touches to a mosaic design that will become a permanent part of the Cypress Creek campus mall. Individual projects may also be pursued during the 15-hour course.

Two sections are being offered, June 5-July 10 and July 17-Aug. 15. Call 512.223.7542 to register, or visit for more information.

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