Calls to help Haiti

By now you have probably heard about the devastating events unfolding in Haiti, arising from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on January 12. The epicenter of the quake was approximately 10 miles from Port-au-Prince, the capital city. Reports are still coming in, but an estimated 3 million people have been impacted and 50,000 people are feared dead. Calls for help are going out all over the world.
Below is a list of organizations accepting donations should you wish to contribute to the aid effort. You can check out charities before making a donation at

The American Red Cross has also set up a way for you to text your help. You can text the word “HAITI” to 90999 and $10 will be added to your next cell phone bill.

Yéle Haiti, the grassroots movement founded by Grammy-winning musician Wyclef Jean, also is accepting donations via cellphone. Simply text “YELE” to 501501 and a $5 donation will automatically be charged to your next cell phone bill.

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