Parking Permit Information

The Austin Community College District is issuing 2010-2011 parking permits, valid until fall 2011. You may purchase a permit at your campus Cashier’s Office. Please note the fee structure:

Category  Fee
Students  $15
Hourly staff  $15
Adjunct faculty  $20
Classified staff  $30
Prof/tech staff  $35
Full-time faculty  $40
Administrators  $50
Motorcycles  $15

Motorcycle Parking: If an employee or student desires to purchase a motorcycle permit, the fee will be $15. The individual will park in designated spaces for motorcycles, or in the appropriate regular parking space (Faculty and Staff or Student). If an employee or student desires a car permit and a motorcycle permit, they will pay the regular permit price for their car permit, and an additional $15 for their motorcycle permit.

Please note, if you lose your parking permit, the full fee must be paid to replace it.

Save time at the Cashier’s Office by completing the parking permit request in advance:

• Student & Employee parking permit request form (downloadable from a campus computer)

• ACC employee payroll deduction

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