Renewable Energy Programs Gain National Recognition

The National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) is recognizing Austin Community College’s renewable energy programs with a National Exemplary Program Award.

NCCET selected ACC for the 2010 National Exemplary Program Award, and will present it at their annual conference in Miami this October.

ACC students install a solar panel on-site in Del Valle in one of the college's renewable energy courses.

“ACC is considered one of the top colleges in the nation by many; being selected for this award makes us all very proud and honored,” says Hector Aguilar, executive dean of continuing education. “These types of awards are rare and they highlight the top-notch talent and collaboration of people working at ACC, both on the continuing education and credit sides.”

ACC offers a comprehensive selection of continuing education (CE) and college credit courses and programs pertaining to renewable energy, with a major emphasis on solar technology. The renewable energy programs were featured in the TIME Magazine article “Can Community Colleges Save the U.S. Economy?” in 2009.

Existing industry professionals can obtain new skills and industry certifications through the CE courses, while students entering the industry may choose to complete an associate degree specializing in renewable energy. College faculty can learn how to teach solar courses at ACC, while those planning to install solar equipment in and on their homes can take a beneficial solar short-course.

Visit for more information about ACC’s Renewable Energy Programs.

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