ACC Enrollment Sets New Record with 44,000+ Credit Students

Austin Community College District enrollment continues to rise, breaking another record this semester. Data show an additional 3,852 credit students this fall – up to 44,100, compared with 40,248 in fall 2009. That’s an increase of nearly 10 percent.

“A record enrollment is a strong indicator that students and families know ACC is an outstanding higher education institution,” says Dr. Stephen B. Kinslow, ACC president/CEO. “There has been a strategic effort to better reach students throughout our service area.”

ACC Round Rock opened at capacity with more than 5,000 students.

The college opened its eighth comprehensive campus at full capacity this fall (5,039 students in Round Rock) and recently purchased land in high-growth areas including Bastrop, Elgin, north Hays County (Kyle/Buda), and San Marcos. Pending the outcome of annexation elections being held in those communities this November, the college will begin construction on campuses early next year.

“The ACC service area outside Travis County is experiencing tremendous population growth, and we recognize the need to ensure equitable access to the growing communities we serve,” Kinslow says. “Higher education and training resources must accompany such growth if Central Texas is to maintain a skilled workforce and strong economic base.”

In addition to record enrollment college-wide, ACC also reached a milestone with Hispanic enrollment, which now exceeds 25 percent of credit students. There are 11,090 Hispanic students enrolled this fall. African-Americans comprise 8.5 percent of students, with a total enrollment of 3,739.

If ACC maintains 25 percent or greater full-time equivalent Hispanic enrollment (currently 25.37 percent), the college will be granted the federal designation of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and be eligible for additional federal funding in the future.

“This shows we’re doing our job, attending to our mission,” says Dr. Richard Armenta, associate vice president of student success. “ACC is making strides toward bridging the higher education gap in Central Texas, providing access to job training and higher education that will improve the lives of area residents and the economic wellbeing of our communities.”

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