Meningitis Vaccination Availability Extended at County Health Departments

The Texas Department of State Health Services alerts all students that meningitis vaccination coverage under the Adult Safety Net is extended until Feb. 15.

This means that regardless of insurance coverage status, you may still receive the meningitis shot at county health departments for a lower cost through Feb. 15, or while supplies last depending on each clinic’s stock of the immunization and policy.

The Texas Department of Health Services is shipping additional vaccine doses across the entire state hoping to bring more students into compliance with the new meningitis immunization requirements affecting college students under 30.

Dosage availability varies at each county health department, so be sure and call your local office first to determine if the shot is still available, and what the cost will be. Find a listing of Central Texas county health departments on the ACC Immunizations webpage. You may be able to get the shot at a county health department within a county you do not reside. However, this policy varies county to county.

If you have still not complied with the meningitis immunization requirement, be sure and log in to Magnus Health and create your account as soon as possible to begin the process. If you have not yet received the shot, you may still get a head-start on the full process by doing so.

For more information about the meningitis immunization requirement, and the process of coming into compliance, refer to our Answers to Student’s Meningitis Requirement Questions and visit the ACC Immunizations webpage.

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