2012 Graduate Shares Advice, Perspective

 ACC is profiling graduates ahead of the May 11 commencement ceremony.Â

Name: David Weaver

Major: Utility Lineworker

Degree/Certificate: Associate of Applied Science

Hometown: AustinÂ

2012 Graduate David Weaver

Graduation is almost here. How does it feel to be the first graduate of the ACC’s new Utility Lineworker Program?Â

It feels great to have finished the degree. It was a lot of hard work but well worth it in the end, as I am now employed by Austin Energy.Â

How long have you been at ACC, and what brought you here?Â

While getting various degrees (and still working on a third), I have been at ACC for a little over six years. I came to ACC so I could get a degree of some sort. When I started, the lineworker degree was not offered, so I had to go a different route until it was.Â

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome to make it to graduation, and how did you deal with it?Â

Initially, it was balancing work and school. I was working full time and going to school part time. It was tough, so I decided to go to school full time. Now I work full time and go to school part time.Â

My situation was unique; I know it’s not always possible for people to leave work. I recommend applying for scholarships wherever you can.Â

What helped you succeed at ACC?Â

The things that probably helped me the most were the size of the classes and the quality of the professors. That created an environment that was very easy for me to learn in. The classes were challenging but fun as well. That’s an odd statement – school being fun… what???Â

What made you choose your field of study?Â

I have always been good working with my hands. In high school I got into theatre, building sets and working with lights, and I really got into working with electricity. After taking a test to determine where my interests lay at ACC, the results came back in electronics and power sector, so it worked out great.Â

What are your plans for the future?Â

I hope to finish my third degree in renewable energy by the end of the year. School is great, but I feel I have been here way too long.Â

Could furthering your education be in the cards?Â

I can see that as a possibility. ACC provides options like Continuing Education and training for people already in the workforce. You never really stop learning.Â

What’s the best thing about graduating?Â

Knowing that all the hard work and frustration has paid off. It is a very good feeling.Â

Who is really proud of your accomplishment? (Besides you, of course!)Â

My fiancé, friends, and family have all been extremely supportive throughout the process.Â

What advice would you give to the next class of ACC students?Â

Put forth the effort. If you are going to take classes in anything, it is worth it to you to not only pass the class, but to learn the material the best you can. It makes you much more valuable to any potential employer.Â

What’s going to be going through your mind when you cross the stage on May 11?Â

Not sure if I will make it to the graduation ceremony; I may not get off from work. If I am there, I think the statement, “Thank God I’m done – look what I accomplished” will fit perfectly.Â

For more information about graduation, click here or contact the graduation office at graduati@austincc.edu. Check out the latest President’s Podcast for Dr. Rhodes’ thoughts on graduation.

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