Car Trouble? Auto Tech Department Offers Low-Cost Repair

If your vehicle needs repair, ACC’s Automotive Department may be able to save you a little money.

Service is offered at Riverside, Round Rock and the San Marcos Goodnight Center.

Automotive students perform brake work, tune-ups, ignition system repair, and other minor services. Customers pay a $45 shop fee (additional fees may be charged for multiple repairs), plus the cost of any parts. There is no charge for labor.

“This gives our students hands-on experience, and can be a convenient, more affordable option for students and staff,” says Mike Shoebroek, chair of ACC’s Automotive Department. “It’s really a win-win.”

Customers requesting service must have their problem assessed beforehand, and the work may be declined if it does not meet the objectives for a particular automotive course. Repairs are done at ACC’s Riverside and Round Rock campuses, and at the San Marcos Goodnight Center.

Students Adrian Barbosa and Luis Berry work with instructor David Chavez.

Shoebroek says the department tries to complete the work on the same day if possible, but some repairs take longer.

For more information, or to submit a repair request, contact Ryan Arnold, [email protected] or Tony Roque, [email protected], or call (512) 223-6094.

To learn more about ACC’s Automotive Tech program, click here.

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