April 2012 Update – Hays Campus

The design development phase was completed in late March. The architectural firm Gensler issued a package of full-size design development review packages at the 50 percent and 100 percent complete level for ACC departmental review and comment. Gensler addressed all comments and made revisions. The college submitted the 100 percent drawings to the Plum Creek Architectural Review Committee for review and comment. We are awaiting a response from that group.

Flintco, the construction manager, concurrently compiled conceptual budget estimates for both the 50 percent and 100 percent packages. Both estimates were over budget, so the design team developed a “shopping list” of value engineering options to reduce costs. ACC, Gensler, and Flintco will identify the best options to bring the project back into budget. We have developed three alternative packages to be considered should the actual construction budget yield favorable results once bidding is completed.

Once the budget is resolved, Gensler will begin the final phase of design/construction documentation. During this phase, Gensler will continue to add detail in the drawings to refine the scope of work until the set is 100 percent complete. This phase will last until July. Gensler will deliver these drawings to Flintco for construction.

Flintco also will develop an initial guaranteed maximum price (iGMP) for the project. Bidding of the 100 percent design development package will be used as the basis for pricing. We will thoroughly review, then revise the iGMP document, as needed. Following completion, ACC will sign the final GMP, which sets the project construction budget.

Once the GMP is signed and bonds are closed, the college will submit construction documents to the City of Kyle as part of the site development and building permit processes. We expect bonds to close about May 2, and permits to be completed by early August.

Once the bonds have been closed, we can commit to a groundbreaking date. We will release this information in the next construction update.

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