On-Campus Meningitis Clinics End Saturday at Riverside

It’s the last chance to get the meningitis vaccination on campus. The Austin Community College District is hosting its final meningitis clinic Saturday, April 21, at the Riverside Campus, 1020 Grove Blvd. The clinic will be 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Building A, Room 2265.

Walgreens is providing the vaccinations at $133.99 per shot. Individuals can pay by cash, check, or credit card, and they will receive a receipt for insurance purposes. No appointments are necessary.

State law mandates that students under 30 must either be immunized for meningitis or request an exemption before they can enter college. Regardless of their choice, students must complete the required paperwork before they can register for classes.

ACC has hosted meningitis clinics at each campus as a service to students; the college does not set the price of vaccinations, nor receive revenue from the clinics.

Visit the meningitis information page to access:

• Information on the law

• Vaccination providers

• The state’s exemption form request

Free exemption form notarization

To help keep student costs low, ACC is offering free notary service to ACC students who have received the state exemption form. Simply take your unsigned state exemption form to an ACC Admissions Office for assistance.

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