ACC Professor Releases Game for iPhone, iPad

With the help of ACC graduates and students, Game Development Institute Professor Kalani Streicher has released a video game for iPhone and iPad. “Tiki Gods: Ancient Times” is the first game released by Streicher’s software company, Kalani Games. He has worked in the gaming industry for almost 25 years, designing and developing games for various genres and platforms.

“Releasing ‘Tiki Gods’ feels like being in the Olympics, giving it all you got and winning gold,” Streicher says. “We are thrilled to share a game we are really proud of with everyone.”

“Tiki Gods” is a puzzle-action game in which the player uses the powers of the Hawaiian tiki gods to create a new island. It is inspired by Kalani’s own Hawaiian heritage.

“I always wanted to share the wonderful Polynesian myths and legends with the rest of the world through video games,” Streicher says. “‘Tiki Gods’ is close to my heart – I’ve had the idea for a very long time.”

Several ACC graduates and student interns played a major role in the development of “Tiki Gods.” They worked as game scripters, level/system designers, and 3D background artists, as well as helped with “playtesting” the game.

“Tiki Gods” is available for purchase on iTunes; it will soon also be available in Android and PC formats. Keep up with “Tiki Gods” news on Facebook.

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