September 2012 – Hays Campus Update

The bidding phase of Hays Campus is complete. Flintco is midstream through the process of evaluating all the subcontractor bids and making recommendations to ACC for award of each scope of work. ACC has approved about 50 percent of the subcontractors. It appears that our project will come in slightly under budget. When 100 percent of the contract buyouts are complete, we will provide a budget update including whether any of the alternatives can be included in the project.

Gensler has secured a site/fill permit, which allowed Flintco to get on site the third week of September and begin mobilizing the site. With this permit, we are allowed to install perimeter control fencing, set up erosion controls, place the construction trailers, lay temporary parking lot base, and begin the process of clearing the site of scrub trees and vegetation in the area where new construction will be placed. This includes demolishing an old barn and removing a few rattlesnake dens.

We are on the brink of securing the site development permit, which we hope to be approved by October 1. We have experienced some delays in getting the City of Kyle review comments resolved, which has delayed us about three weeks. This permit will allow us to begin rough grading of the site and to begin trenching for site utilities. Flintco, Gensler, and ACC will be meeting to adjust the construction schedule to accommodate the three-week slide in starting site development. We will provide an update when we have finalized the plan of action.

On September 21, we received official approval of our project from the Plum Creek Architectural Review Committee. We must have this approval before the City of Kyle will allow us to submit for building permit. With this hurdle now crossed, Gensler plans to submit the project to the City of Kyle for building permit the last week of September. We expect the review process to take four to six weeks.

Gensler is continuing to work with ACC to develop a master spreadsheet that will track all furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the project. We will be collaborating with the Elgin Campus project team to standardize the basis of design for office systems furniture and other specialty items such as the instructor lecterns. We will begin holding departmental meetings in November to develop the furniture specifications for each instructional space and staff/faculty spaces. By December, we will present a complete equipment list to the ACC Purchasing Department so staff can begin to secure quotes and issue purchase orders for long lead items.

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