Student Success Summit Focuses on SSI, Academic Master Plan

For three years, ACC’s Student Success Initiative (SSI) has focused on student retention, degree completion, success equity, and other critical areas. Now, the college is determining how to integrate SSI with its new Academic Master Plan and is inviting the ACC community to take part in the process at the Student Success Summit Friday, Nov. 9 at the Eastview Campus.

“SSI is no longer an initiative,” says ACC President/CEO Dr. Richard Rhodes. “This is part of our culture. We are about student success.”

Students, faculty, and staff will have an opportunity to discuss SSI-related programs and activities through Student Success Summits each semester.

“The Student Success Summit allows campus teams and others to provide input to the Academic Master Plan,” says Dr. Stephanie Hawley, associate vice president of college access programs. “We want to include voices from key stakeholders, particularly those who are sometimes not involved in planning and decision-making.”

In recent weeks representatives of various college constituencies — employee associations, campus managers, adjunct faculty, Adult Education instructors, Student Services staff, and students — have met to discuss the strengths and challenges for students, from enrollment through completion. The Nov. 9 event will include reports from those conversations, along with updates and recommendations regarding First Year Experience programs, including orientation. A student panel will discuss First Year Experience activities. (See the complete agenda below.)

“The First Year Experience has the potential to affect and support thousands of students,” Dr. Hawley says. “We want to focus on these high-impact strategies in the Academic Master Plan.”

At an Oct. 8 presentation, Dr. Rhodes and Interim Provost Dr. Enrique Solis discussed the role of the forthcoming Academic Master Plan and ACC’s Strategic Plan, which replaces the college’s previous Master Plan. While the Strategic Plan will continue to reflect ACC’s mission and align with the statewide Closing the Gaps initiatives, the Academic Master Plan will include more specific, data-driven goals. With both, the college will continue to make data-informed decisions and promote a culture of evidence.

“We will continue to identify and enhance specific programs we know contribute to student success, and assign specific goals for those programs,” Dr. Solis says. He added that the college will draw upon input from college deans and campus advisory committees as it continues to draft the plan, scheduled to be complete next spring.

Faculty and staff can keep up-to-date on the Academic Master Plan by participating in the Student Success Summits and by visiting the Academic Master Plan webpage. The next Summit, scheduled for Feb. 15, will focus on success equity.

“Through these ongoing campus and community events, we will continue to collect information about our strengths and opportunities for growth so they are a part of our planning process for years to come,” Dr. Hawley says.

For more information about the Student Success Summit, contact Millie Marquis, [email protected].

Student Success Summit

“Building Bridges for Success Equity with the Academic Master Plan”

November 9, 2012, Eastview Room 8500

8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Time Activity



Welcome & Introductions                                           Dr. Rhodes

Gaye Lynn Scott, Moderator


It Takes A College Video                                                      Merrilee Shopland


What is the First Year Experience?                  Cheryl Richard, Director of Student Life


Student Voices: Panel Discussion about the First Year Experience                       Â
10:35-10:45 Break


Data Review: Snapshot & Cohort Tracking                      Richard Griffiths, OIEA

Campus Conversation Reports                                   Dr. Jeffrey Holmes, Consultant

Douglas Garrett, TSI Coordinator, Moderator


Break-out Session: Overview and Outcomes                        Cheryl Richard

Working Lunch & Break-Out Session: Campus Team Conversations


Campus Team Reports & Discussion; Recommendations for Improving the First Year Experience


Academic Master Plan Process Update                                   Dr. Solis
2:00 Adjourn

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