November 2012 – Hays Campus Update

Great progress has been made in the last several weeks. The City of Kyle issued the site development permit and building permits (one for each floor) in mid-October. The buyout of sub-contracts is now 95 percent complete. We are happy to report that our HUB percentage for the project will exceed 30 percent. Â

Hays Campus site, October 2012

We are now under construction! In late October Flintco moved on site and set up several trailers with temporary utilities. Flintco also installed perimeter security fencing and two separate construction entrances, one for the project management team near the trailers and a second for the rest of the contractor and sub-contractor workforce. Roadway Specialties, the erosion control sub-contractor, then came in and set up the erosion control systems required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) around the perimeter of limits of construction boundary. Next, Champion, the earthwork sub-contractor, spent the next several weeks clearing and grubbing the site of debris and trash trees. Champion also rough-graded the site, forming and setting the building pad and parking lot pads to the specified elevations as shown on the civil construction documents. Champion also excavated the re-irrigation pond along the eastern property boundary near the train tracks.Â

In early November, Gibson Concrete, the concrete sub-contractor, drilled more than 50 piers for the building foundation, placed the rebar cages, and poured the concrete. Haegelin, the site utilities sub-contractor, currently is trenching into rock below what will be the first floor slab to set all the domestic water and wastewater piping, electrical conduit, lightning protection, and telecommunications duct bank routes. The edge of the perimeter of the first floor foundation has been established with formwork. The anchor bolts for the pier caps have also been placed, which will lock into the perimeter grade beams of the concrete foundation.

Flintco plans to pour the concrete foundation of the first floor north wing the week of Thanksgiving. Two other two sections, the middle section and south wing, will be poured by the middle of December. We expect the first-floor structural steel columns to arrive on site around the first of the new year and begin being set on the foundation.

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