Purchase 2013-14 Parking Permit at Cashier Office

It’s time to purchase your 2013-14 ACC parking permit. Parking permits will be sold at all campus Cashier Offices beginning Thursday, Aug. 1. Parking permits for 2012-13 will expire August 31, 2013.

Rio Grande Campus Parking Garage

Green Car permits for 2013-14 also are available at all Cashier Offices. Green Car permits are free for the vehicles listed here. You must still purchase and display a regular ACC parking permit. (Green car parking spaces are limited; a permit does not necessarily guarantee a preferred spot.) | Read more about sustainable transportation options.

Parking Permit Fees:

Students and hourly staff: $15

Adjunct faculty: $20

Staff, Classified: $30

Staff, Prof-Tech: $35

Full-time faculty: $40

Administrators: $50

All motorcycle permits: $15

Additional information on parking regulations, permits, and enforcement can be found on the Parking Regulations webpage.

Employees who want to have the permit fee deducted from their paycheck may submit a payroll deduction form at any Cashier Office.

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