New Mathways Project Under Way at ACC

Higher education leaders including ACC President/CEO Dr. Richard Rhodes celebrate the kickoff of the New Mathways Project.

Austin Community College joined other state higher education leaders to officially kick off the New Mathways Project, which redesigns math curriculum to help more students succeed.

The project, led by the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin, creates a new class sequence for students entering developmental math – the biggest challenge to incoming college students nationwide. ACC was among nine community colleges that helped develop the new curriculum last year.

Students who enroll in New Mathways follow a one-year path, taking Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning, a developmental course, as well as a study skills and career planning class in the fall semester. In the spring, they take a special section of statistics. New Mathways incorporates collaborative learning and helps students more quickly transition from developmental courses into credit classes.

ACC is offering three sections of the New Mathways Project this year.

“Austin Community College is constantly working to give students the tools they need to accelerate their success and learn more effectively and efficiently. That’s what the New Mathways Project is all about,” says Dr. Richard Rhodes, ACC president/CEO. “This course will give students who may struggle with math skills a much-needed boost of confidence as they begin their college career, and that helps them stay on track to graduation and other milestones along the way.”

Associate Professor Anne Praderas works with students in her New Mathways Project class.

New Mathways Project partners received a total of $1.4 million in grants from TG and the Greater Texas Foundation. Funding will be used to help implement the project across the state and create training materials.

“The 50 community colleges in Texas recognize the need to transform developmental math education, and the New Mathways Project is a long-term commitment to make students and Texas more successful,” says Dr. Rey Garcia, president of the Texas Association of Community Colleges.

“My colleagues and I are deeply grateful for the generous support of TG and the Greater Texas Foundation,” says Dr. Uri Treisman, director of the Dana Center. “With their help, we can work with our Texas community college partners to ensure that our students succeed in mathematics and develop the knowledge and skills needed for work and life.”

For more information about New Mathways and other math courses, contact the Math Department.

View photos from the New Mathways Project press conference below.

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