Lift-Off Success: Web Redesign Project Moves to Phase II

After weeks of preparation for the changeover, ACC successfully launched its redesigned website on Nov. 11.

“Given the scope of the project and the number of webpages involved, the switch went smoothly,” says Web Administrator Edward Terry. “There were a few technical issues on the first day, and we had temporary issues with pages that haven’t yet been moved to the new server, but we are working through those. Overall the response has been very positive, and we appreciate the patience of our students and employees during the process.”

The restructured website is intended to break down the “silos” of information that can build up on a site as individual webpages are added to other pages. With a visible and intuitive navigational path, the new site makes it easier for students to find information and complete tasks. Read more about the redesigned site’s features.

In the coming weeks, the web team will be adding functionality to the site that allows content owners and department webmasters to access and maintain information on the new webpages. Training for the content management system will be offered through the Workshop & Event database.

Meanwhile, although dozens of top-tier and student-facing webpages have been converted for the new web architecture, many college webpages remain unchanged in existing templates. The web team will provide information to departments that want to reformat their pages to take advantage of new content management capabilities for improved information integration, site management, and mobile display.

“Updating content will be done through a web browser which reduces our software costs and eliminates bottlenecks when it comes to site maintenance,” Terry says.

In addition to monitoring usage analytics, the web development team plans to survey students, faculty, and staff and will use the feedback to continually improve the site.

For more information, contact Terry, [email protected] or 512.223.7844.

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