Plans Underway for Seminar for First Time College Students

ACC is developing a seminar to help entering students develop the skills they need to succeed in college and complete their educational program.

Beginning spring 2015, students attending college for the first time (except dual-credit high school students) will be required to take a proposed 15-contact-hour First Year Seminar. The seminar will not carry a grade or credits.

Content would cover topics such as aligning academic goals with career plans, using college resources, effective study and test-taking strategies, and communication and collaboration skills.

A growing number of colleges and universities have adopted mandatory first year seminars to improve student retention and success rates. ACC began planning the seminar after soliciting input through two ACAPs (Austin Competency Analysis Profile) involving faculty and students.

The First Year Seminar committee will present plans to ACC’s Academic and Campus Affairs Council in March. Faculty, faculty associations, and other employee groups will have an opportunity to offer feedback before ACAC votes on the seminar later this spring.

If approved, the college hopes to launch the seminar in January 2015.

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