Campus Dean Who’s Who: Find Out Who Serves Your Campus

Several ACC campuses have new Student Services (campus) deans, or have deans who have transferred from other campuses. Campus deans oversee student services programs for their campus and work with faculty and staff to promote student success. Some deans also are process holders for collegewide programs. See the complete list of deans, assignments, and contact information below.

Dr. Rachel Ruiz is the student services dean for the Riverside Campus. She joined ACC in January from the University of Texas San Antonio, where she was assistant vice president of P-20 Initiatives. Ruiz has held a number teaching and administrative positions at other community colleges during the past 25 years.

Dr. Virginia Fraire has transferred to Pinnacle Campus from Riverside, where she had served as student services dean since 2006.

Dr. Melissa Curtis is now the Eastview student services dean. She previously was director of College Connection, and will continue leading that program.

Dorado Kinney, previously student services dean at Eastview, now serves that role for ACC Highland. He has been with ACC since 2009.

George Reyes is the student services dean for the new Hays Campus. Reyes has taught Human Development courses at ACC since 1990. He also was a counselor from 1990-2002.

Sylvia Galvan-Gonzalez is the Elgin Campus student services dean. She previously was a counselor at the Cypress Creek Campus and has been with ACC since 2007.

Dr. Wade Bradfute is student services dean at the Northridge Campus. He had been a counselor at the South Austin Campus since its opening in 2006.

Campus Student Services Dean Collegewide Roles Email and phone
Cypress Creek Amber Kelley Career Services

Electronic Intake

(512) 223.2012

Eastview Melissa Curtis College Connection (512) 223.5129

Elgin Sylvia Galvan-Gonzalez Judicial – Student Conduct

Behavorial Intervention Team

(512) 223.9407

Hays George Reyes Academic Standards of Progress

Transfer Pathways – Texas State co-enrollment

(512) 262.6525

Highland Dorado Kinney Highland planning (512) 223.7391

Northridge Wade Bradfute Continuing Education, Â Adult Education Liaison

Assessment and Testing

(512) 223.4721

Pinnacle Virginia Fraire Advising

Behavioral Intervention Team

(512) 223.8007

Rio Grande Voncille Wright Distance Learning

PACE-UT CO-enrollment

(512) 223.3128

Riverside Rachel Ruiz (512) 223.6019

Round Rock Louella Tate Professional Development

Veterans Affairs

Title IX and Title VI compliance

(512) 223.0045

South Austin Yolanda Chapa Assessment and Testing (512) 223.9154

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