MATD 0421 promises a new direction in developmental math

ACC Highland Math Emporium Rendering

MATD 0421 classes will be held in the new ACCelerator instructional lab at ACC Highland.

All-levels class debuts at Highland Campus this fall

Austin Community College is introducing an innovative developmental math class at its Highland Campus opening this fall. Developmental Mathematics (MATD 0421) is designed to help individual students reach college credit math levels as quickly as they are able.

“Students can save time and money because they could complete more than one course, or possibly the entire developmental mathematics curriculum in a single semester,” says Dr. Constance Elko, ACC math department chair.

See MATD 0421 demonstration at Destination: ACC @ Highland.

Learn more and register for the June 14 event.

MATD 0421 classes will be held in the Highland Campus ACCelerator, the college’s new state-of-the-art facility that provides an alternative to traditional classroom lectures.

The class uses the ALEKS computer program to identify each student’s math skills and assign lessons that focus only on skills that need work. Students then participate in mini-lectures, individualized computerized practice with instructor support, and group activities that make lessons more interactive to support and increase learning.

Students are free to set the rate they progress. “Students can move quickly through material they grasp and go slower on material that is more challenging for them,” Elko says.

MATD 0421 is open to anyone who wants to improve their math skills. The class serves an alternative to any of the following courses:

• Basic Math (MATD 0330/0332)

• Elementary Algebra (MATD 0370)

• Intermediate Algebra (MATD 0390)

Destination: ACC @ Highland

Destination: ACC @ Highland

“This is an opportunity for each student to have the developmental math curriculum that is truly individualized for them,” Elko says.

How to register

Check the course schedule for MATD 0421 classes listed under Developmental Mathematics or Highland Campus.

Learn more

For more information on the class, visit the Math Department website or consult with any campus advisor or counselor.

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