Plan to Attend: Destination ACC @ Highland helps students ‘Start Here’

Prospective students and guests can get enrollment assistance and learn how the college can help them reach their goals at Destination: ACC @ Highland. The event will be Saturday, June 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at ACC Highland, 6001 Airport Blvd. The goal of the event is to build enrollment college-wide while showcasing ACC’s newest full-service campus. See event page.

Can you help? Volunteers needed

Faculty and staff are needed at the event to welcome visitors and help them get started at ACC. To participate, complete the Destination: ACC @ Highland volunteer form.

“We built a team of faculty and staff who are eager to welcome and assist students coming to our campus when we open this fall,” says Dorado Kinney, Highland Campus dean of student services. “We invite other volunteers to help at the fair to talk with visitors and promote our campus.”

Computer stations also will be available for those wanting to submit an application or complete other online enrollment steps.

Highland Campus construction: The home stretch

The Highland Campus incorporates a modern design, varied colors and textures, and plenty of natural light.

Meanwhile, ACC is finishing work on the campus in advance of its August grand opening. Furniture installation is under way, and teams are painting corridors, completing tile work, and installing cabinets. Crews then will move in equipment for science labs, the library, and the nation’s largest learning emporium — the ACCelerator. The campus also will be home to Capital IDEA, the college’s Business and Community Testing Center, and the new MATD 0421 developmental math course.

In addition to instructional areas, the Highland Campus will feature a café area tucked beneath a large center stairway where students and employees can relax while studying or working. A giant skylight lets natural light fill the space.

“It’s completely modern but reflects the space’s past,” says Brian Morrow, ACC’s project manager. “There are juxtapositions of color and texture, and it will have quiet spaces as well as all the hustle and bustle of a major college campus. This is definitely going to be a great place to learn. I think it sets a new standard.”

Connect with ACC on social media to see the Highland Campus come to life.

The 200,000-square-foot facility will be one of ACC’s largest locations, with capacity to serve 6,000 students.

Visit the Highland Campus webpage for more information, including a list of course offerings, and connect with ACC on social media to watch the campus come to life.

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