ACC ends late registration for new students

Beginning this fall, students cannot enroll in a course after the teaching session has started if they have not already registered for any courses in that teaching session.

The rule change does not impact students registered in a teaching session who wish to add a course during the applicable schedule change (add/drop) period.

Students who have applied and met with an advisor but do not register before the teaching session starts may enroll in courses offered in later sessions.

Unregistered students may seek written permission from the department chair or an instructional assistant dean to enroll in a course after a session has started.

“Research continues to show that students who register after the first meeting of a class reduce their chance of succeeding before they even start,” says Dr. Kathleen Christensen, vice president of student services. “We will not turn students away, we will merely direct them to the next teaching session — typically the 12- or 8- week sessions.”

ACC is one of several colleges nationwide that have eliminated late registration to increase student success. Data compiled by ACC’s Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability Office shows that success rates (earning a grade of C or higher) are consistently higher for students who register early compared with those who register late. Withdrawal rates are consistently lower for students present the first class day compared with those who register late.

Registration before classes begin is one of 13 practices highlighted in the report “A Matter of Degrees: Promising Practices for Community College Student Success” (pdf) published by the Center for Community College Student Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin.

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